Innovative ways to approach the application of agricultural chemicals

Our Services

The Draslovka Services Group is an innovative and progressive company in the agricultural chemical industry. Our team of experienced applicators, creative and agricultural engineers, and regulatory specialists, can assist and demonstrate novel and innovative ways to approach the application of agricultural chemicals in a safe and controlled environment. It is through this experience and expertise The Draslovka Services Group presents our offering of consultation services.

Specialist Application Support

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Application Development

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Regulatory Services Offered

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Our Goal

Our goal is not only to administer a high-quality service or product when we are engaged directly by customers, but also to assist those seeking expertise that our advice and support will provide beneficial in providing new efficiencies, methods and greater benefits for your enterprise in the agricultural or timber industries. In working in-conjunction with our peers we believe we can list the lift the standards of practice in our industry together resulting in best practice and better outcomes for all participants, direct and indirect customers. 

  • Whether it is assisting in the regulatory area, application of chemicals in the field or other environments or gaining advice for any situation in the soil or timber fumigation industry, the Draslovka Services Group Team can assist, advise or consult to help you reach your goal. 
  • Our team of Regulatory Specialists can assist and advise in product registration, how to perform trials to meet government bodies standards and many more aspects concerning chemical products in the agricultural and timber industries on the topic of fumigation.

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