Safety information and precautions

Incident response

Call 1800 940 554 for Draslovka Services Group Specialist Assistance For Any Incidents Involving Draslovka Services Group Products either in transit or in storage.

At Draslovka Services we are passionate about the safety of our employees, our customers and the public in general.  Our products and services are involved in many facets of agriculture, and we are determined to ensure that everyone that comes in contact with them, goes home safely after enjoying the many benefits that they provide.

In the event of an incident involving Draslovka Services Group products either in transit or in storage follow the below precautions:

  1. Shut off all engines and any other electrical equipment
  2. Dial Emergency Services ‘000’ and advise gas cylinders or receptacles are involved
  3. Contact Draslovka Services Group Specialist Assistance on number 1800 940 554 (24 hour)
  4. Consider initiating an evacuation/exclusion zone of 100 meters
  5. Do not smoke or allow naked flames within the evacuation/exclusion zone
  6. IF SAFE TO DO SO stop any gas leakage

Speak to one of our specialists.