Years of trialed, tested and proven application method

Experienced Personnel

We have been registered as Pest Control Officers ( PCO’s ) since we started fumigating in 1997. We currently have 9 registered, qualified and experienced PCO’s in the company. Our ‘youngest’ PCO has been working for us since 2009 and our ‘oldest’ PCO have been with us since 1997. Every fumigation application is done by one of our registered, qualified and experienced PCO’s. All PCO’s are in direct telephonic contact with management and must report continuously throughout the day.


  • All our employees are annually refreshed and re-evaluated in a self-developed Draslovka Services Employee Safety Course, to safely handle and work with dangerous goods.
  • All our employees undergo annual medical check-ups.
  • We remunerate our employees with fair living wages including provisions made for their retirement and death.
  • We comply with- and pay all government legislated levies as required by law.

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