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At Draslovka Services we are proud of our workmanship, quality fumigation and the fact that we have a non-invasive approach to the farm’s working routine. Our experience makes us the leader in the industry and the preferred choice by leading farms and developers of new soil fumigant products.

Replant Fumigation

Injection with a ripper tooth and covering the plant row with plastic was developed and has been perfected by Draslovka Services

Full Surface Fumigation

Fumigation eradicates all soil pathogens and specifically plant parasitic eelworm. Farmers fumigate to ensure maximum production.


This concept will aid in the drainage of a wetland as well as improve the depth of the usable topsoil in an orchard

Sports Field

Sport fields get infected by fungi and invested by parasitic nematodes which cannot be completely suppressed and controlled by post planting products.


Draslovka Services has provided our fumigation needs with diligence and professionalism over the years.

Neville van BuurenCrookes Brothers

In a business where gas is the promise, trust and service are imperative, Draslovka Services delivers on this.

Stephen RabeFruitways Farming

An excellent fumigation service, from planning to application, with a strong emphasis on safety & tidiness.

Keith BradleyBradpak Orchards


Ethanedinitrile (C₂N₂)


Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN)


Ethyl Formate (C₃H₆O₂ + CO₂)

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