• 1Orchard Replant

    Injection with a ripper tooth and covering the plant row with plastic was developed and has been perfected by Agri-Soil

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  • 2Full Surface

    Fumigation eradicates all soil pathogens and specifically plant parasitic eelworm. Farmers fumigate to ensure maximum production.

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  • 3Sports Fields

    Putting greens on golf courses are also fumigated to enhance perfect growing conditions to ensure pristine surfaces.

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At Agri-Soil we are proud of our workmanship, quality fumigation and the fact that we have a non-invasive approach to the farm’s working routine. Our experience makes us the leader in the industry and the preferred choice by leading farms and developers of new soil fumigant products … read more


"Agri-Soil has provided our fumigation needs with diligence and professionalism over the years." ~ Neville van Buuren

Crookes Brothers

"In a business where gas is the promise, trust and service is imperative, Agri- Soil delivers on this." ~ Stephen Rabe

Fruitways Farming

"An excellent fumigation service, from planning to application, with a strong emphasis on safety & tidiness." ~ Keith Bradley

Bradpak Orchards

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